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What is Life Coaching?
(...and other frequently asked questions about Life                                                                                     Coaching

"We ask to know the will of God without guessing that His will is written into our very beings. We perceive that will when we discern who we are." - Elizabeth O'Connor.

Christian Life Coaching is, as we see it, a safe, trusting, collaborative relationship where we utilize a redeemed understanding of a person's past to discern a God - inspired vision for their future. This leads to Spirit - enabled action in the present, accompanied by an abiding sense of Christ's presence in the moment.

It is about reading the map of your life, as God has sovereignly charted it; discovering the lay of the land, pointing toward a passionately - preferred destination; and courageously moving towards it!

Click here to survey the kinds of people we work with along with the desired destinations others are traveling towards.

Do you long to know God's will and plan for your life? Then it is crucial to see your life as a comprehensive whole; or to use a different analogy, to read it as a well-crafted story, with a definite plot the Author intended to be discernable. Your life is not an incomprehensible mystery-the clues are there to find, trust in and act upon.  A coach can assist you along the way!

Sounds good, but... is Life Coaching Biblical?

In short- most definitely! But don't simply accept that. Read how the Bible-God's Truth-confirms and describes this coaching process by clicking here.

How does Christian Life Coaching differ from Biblical Counseling?

Coaching is not the same as counseling, in that coaching's focus is on movement toward a future vision rather than wrestling with issues from the past. We explore and learn from the past, but we don't camp out there! If you are able to explore your past, from a distance, allowing your past to guide you into the future God always has had in store, then Christian coaching is for you!

Where does Life Coaching come from?

Life Coaching has sprung up within the last decade or so as a profession, in response to the cry of individuals caught up in a society characterized by exploding technology, massive information overload, job uncertainty and a harried lifestyle. People are finding themselves in our modern - day culture, too busy, too hurried, too tired... without a settled sense of personal purpose, choice, freedom, and rest.

Coaching has been around for a long time in different forms, but was usually associated with sports and the arts. The job of the coach has always been to discover, draw out, and develop a person's best; to help them achieve excellence in their chosen field of pursuit.

What is the value of Christian Life Coaching?

When placed in the context of how people live their lives within the challenging culture in which we live, we can begin to recognize LIFE coaching's value. It encompasses WHO we are, WHAT we believe in, and HOW we choose to live out the implications in any and all areas of life.

Factoring our faith-perspective into the equation provides the foundational confidence that our lives already possess unique value and specific purpose given each of us by an all-powerful Creator and loving Redeemer. Once we know Him in personal relationship, the call and challenge becomes finding out who we are in Christ and how we are to live in this world for Him. Given the confusion and chaos of modern day life, this is where the Christian Life Coach comes in.

"Coaching is the most important servant leadership element in helping people accomplish their goals".
Ken Blanchard, Bill Hybels, and Phil Hughes -
Leadership by the Book

"Coaching is destined to be the leadership approach of the 21st Century..."
James Belasco - Coaching for Leadership

Click here to read more about Christian Life Coaching's value for you.

Who is the Coach I would work with, what is his background and how will I know we can work well together?

Jim Case is a professionally trained Christian Life Coach with a wide variety of experience in ministry, consulting and leadership capacities in both non-profit and for-profit contexts.

Click here
to meet Jim and his family personally, and to read more about his story, vision, passion and background.

The initial consultation with Jim is free and without obligation. The two of us will either connect while having your questions about Christian Life Coaching's appropriateness for you answered, or not. Usually both of us have some sense of this. The coaching relationship is one in which your comfort level is crucial. If for any reason we believe another arrangement would be best, Compass Christian Coaching has a wide-range of fitting referrals to suggest.

Click here
to learn more about how the coaching relationship works, our mutual responsibilities within it and how we would regularly connect.

How often would we meet, for how long and what are the costs involved?

We would meet as often as two times weekly or as infrequently as once per month
- depending upon what you want to accomplish. The length of a coaching engagement varies as well, from as little as six months for some, to those who choose to continue on an ongoing basis because the relationship has proved so beneficial.

Life Coaching fees vary, depending again upon what you want to accomplish, your current financial status and the direction of the Holy Spirit as we consider what type of agreement to forge.

You are invited to click here to discover the various packages Compass Christian Coaching offers along with their attendant benefits. Customized scheduling and fees are available should they be deemed necessary.

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