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Take my Life Survey to get a sense of where you stand in life.


1) List your rating for each question.

2)Total your score on the last line.

3) Submit survey for scoring evaluation ( you will receive a prompt response).

4) Fill out the online form for your free follow-up consultation

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1) I know who God has designed me to be.
2) I live a life that reflects who He made me to be.
3) I am growing spiritually and live in close communion with and dependence upon God daily.
4) My personal values are clear and evident in all I do.
5) I have God - centered dreams and I am moving consistently toward them as a committed participant in a local church.
6) My family relationships are healthy and satisfying, to the degree that I can control.
7) I enjoy friendships in which I am known, believed in, and there are no secrets.
8) I view all of life as a ministry, but am aware of particular areas that I feel most passionate about, and have invested myself in them.
9) My career is a great expression of my passion, gifts, and talents.
10) I reflect upon my life regularly, and understand my weaknesses and self- limiting patterns.
11) I take care of myself physically and have plenty of energy.
12) My mind is alert and active, I am always willing to learn new things.
13) I hold my money and possessions loosely, giving freely while staying out of debt.
14) I look forward to each new day and live it with personal purpose, welcoming whatever God chooses to bring my way.
15) I never feel rushed or pressured and have plenty of room/time in my life to do well the most important things.


Would you like to know more about Christian life Coaching and how it could help you on the journey of your life?

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