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Launching Out

"Anything I've ever done that was worthwhile... initially scared me to death."
-Betty Bender

If Christian Life Coaching intrigues you; you can discover more at no obligation, since your introductory consultation is free.

During this initial consultation, we will complete a preliminary coaching survey that will help us determine how we connect and what course to follow. I will ask you to share where it is you want to go and the questions about how coaching could bring value to your life will be answered. Email me to schedule a convenient time for this session.

If we agree to journey on together, you can choose among various packages below, and I will send you a packet of information, evaluations, and an agreement. The initial work I will ask you to do at the outset will help me in beginning to know you and what's important to you, which will save time ultimately in the coaching process.

There are several packages available to fit your financial situation and coaching desires. Currently, we are asking our clients to pay via check for whatever services we agree upon.

These packages are based on monthly fees, and are for individual coaching. Fees are due on the first of each month.

  • Option One: Three 45-minute sessions $250.00 per month with retainer services.*
  • Option Two: Two 45-minute sessions $200.00 per month.
  • Option Three: One 60-minute session $100.00 per month.

  • These are suggested amounts. Primarily, I would invite you to ask the Holy Spirit what it is He would have you pay- this amount would be our benchmark. Please DO NOT let your financial situation be a deterrent from exploring the opportunity to coach with me! I am dependant upon His provision and would invite you to trust Him for yours. He will prove faithful to us both!


*Retainer Services include unlimited emails and brief phone calls (5-10 minutes) to report successes, ask questions, and receive feedback.

Are you ready to go?

Each morning ask, "What is it I wish to do today?" Then ask, "One hundred years from now, what is it I wish I had done with this day?" Do the latter.

Now that you have had an opportunity to get a glimpse of what Christian Life Coaching involves, does it describe a journey you would like to embark upon?

What would it be like to have your own coach along the way?

Click here to receive a free article describing more how coaching can help you fulfill your destiny or indicate interest in receiving my free newsletter. And don't forget to contact me if you have further questions as part of a complementary consultation.

Take a moment and think through our Life Survey Questionnaire.
It is free and may give you more insight into your life situation.

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