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Corporate / Executive Coaching

A related, yet distinct service provided by Compass Christian Coaching targeted to either Christian Organizations interested in the development of key personnel or to Christian Leaders wishing to invest in their own personal and professional growth.

As a Corporate Leadership Coach, and Senior Career Management Consultant with Right Management Consultants, the world's foremost Human Resource Consulting firm, as well as a Certified Employee-Assistance Professional, Jim brings considerable experience and understanding of the corporate business environment, both for-profit and non-profit.

We work primarily with three types of leaders:

1. Emerging Leaders- Those individuals who may be new to leadership roles, are being prepared for higher-level positions, or have been identified as having "leadership potential".

2. Developing Leaders- Those persons currently in leadership roles who need to enhance their leadership effectiveness or who have transitioned to a new role and need to develop additional abilities.

3. Strategic Leaders- Those leaders responsible for creating the organization's mission, vision, and strategic direction.

We believe that understanding oneself is critical to being able to pursue appropriate leadership goals whole-heartedly. By combining customized assessment tools with personal interviews, Jim can help you determine and maximize your strengths and define a vision that makes allowance for your weaknesses. Jim can help you plan and move toward a meaningful life and career by increasing your insights regarding your talents, values, priorities, and growth needs.

We offer a variety of customized services including:

  • Life / Career Development
    Identify your life path and establish a focused plan to achieve meaningful work.
  • Team- Building
    Create an understanding of who and what your team needs to perform at a high
    level and how to get there.
  • Performance / Feedback Coaching
    Learn how to manage yourself and those around you for the benefit of all.
  • Relationship / Communications Skills
    Understand the obstacles to respecting, honoring and working well with others and address them.
  • Goal Setting / Organization / Time Management / Life Balance
    Learn how to create time for your most important priorities while taking responsibility for only that which you can control.

"Jim's guidance and coaching have transformed my work and personal life! His approach worked very well for me. He helped me identify my strengths and non-strengths, and determine what the best fit was for me within my job and company overall.

A key aspect of my coaching experience was the development of a personalized action plan. It was customized to my needs and created a focus for me to build on my strengths and shore up my non-strengths.

The greatest benefit I received from Jim's coaching was the way he was able to put all of these things into a Christian perspective. He helped me to understand that all of us have special and unique gifts and are to be used for His Glory. Each one of us has a story to tell and share with others."- Steve B. IT Professional

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