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How Coaching Works

What do I do as Coach?

As your Coach I will enter into a written agreement with you, attested to and signed by us both. This makes possible a relationship between us that we know can be honest, direct and straightforward with one another. It will define how we work together.

I will provide the structure, format, and environment to move your goals forward while creating a reflective process, with designed dialogue to add value to our conversations.

You will be able to explore with openness your ideas and questions in any area of life within an atmosphere of trust. You will enjoy really being heard, known, and celebrated!

I will retain all we discuss in confidence according to the law and abide by the ethics of the Coaching Profession, which will create a safe environment for you.

I offer the guarantee of my integrity in terms of being totally present with you and being dedicated to your movement and growth throughout our journey together.

As an experienced administrator and interpreter of a variety of assessment tools, I will use particular ones to aid in your discovery of who God designed you to be. I have found these tools to be very helpful and enlightening to work with, used in their proper place and time.

What do you do as the Client?

Your role makes all the difference! It's a wonderful opportunity to find identity, purpose, and freedom, as you are ready, willing and able to give it your all. In concert with the Spirit's activity, you will get out of your coaching experience what you put into it. The results are a reflection of your choice and His enablement.

Certain characteristics mark the individual who will profit the most from this relationship, and when exercised, have significant results. Consider these and picture yourself embracing the freedom they offer. They describe a person in process-one who values these traits-rather than someone who has attained them.

Are you:

: Wanting to honor and reflect Him in every area of life.

Service-centered: Wanting to live to love, rather than live for self.

: Aware of your weaknesses and struggles as well as your God-given strengths and talents.

Dependant: Recognizing that true change and movement comes through the power of the Holy Spirit not through 'self-help' efforts.

Honest: Able to candidly discuss how you are doing without evasiveness or avoidance.

Responsible: Aware you are in control of your choices and movement, not me as your coach, or anyone else in your life.

Open: Willing to learn new things about yourself and life.

Courageous: Willing to act upon your discoveries and the leading of God's Spirit, especially when this requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

How do we connect?

Our coaching is done either in person (if you live near the east-central portion of Wisconsin) or over the phone (anywhere else you might be!) by appointment.

Telephone coaching has demonstrated itself to be very effective for both coach and client, for the following reasons:

  • Convenience - You don't have to take the time to drive anywhere and you can dress comfortably and relax in conducive surroundings.
  • A measure of Anonymity - It is easier to open up more when you don't have to worry about appearance. Some of the pressure is off.
  • Enhanced listening - Similar to a blind person's learned capability, not seeing another can often take us to a greater level of listening... and understanding.
  • We can talk wherever you or I am-at work, home, outside, on vacation, or in different time zones.

Most of my clients commit to working together for a minimum of three months-since demonstrated progress usually takes a concentrated period of time and often for a year or more. It's up to you.

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