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Coaching Benefits

" Is the life you're inviting others to live the life that you are living? "

Faith-oriented people who want to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ make up the majority of our clientele. They comprise men or women from early adulthood on up, who find themselves in all kinds of positions (professionals of every stripe, stay-at-home moms, students, small business owners, church and parachurch leaders, executives, craftsmen, etc.). They live in many places, anywhere we can connect regularly in person or by phone.

These individuals are ready to assume full responsibility for their lives and long to live them out of a comprehensive sense of passion and purpose. They are increasingly humble people who recognize their fears, doubts, and self-limiting patterns, yet are open to facing them head-on, confident that they have much value to contribute in Christ and desiring to do so for the benefit of the world around them.

Click here to receive a discussion document that surveys the biblical compass points that form the backdrop for their ideal journey.

Most of us have been told we have potential, but few have had that potential sought out, recognized and believed in-especially when we are in doubt of it ourselves. We at Compass Christian Coaching love to do that very thing for the people in our lives. A good coach can serve as your guide, your advisor, your mentor, your supporter, your "sounding board" and your accountability partner to point you toward Jesus so you can do what God made you to do, and go where He wants you to go.

Those we work with usually collaborate with us around any or all of the following topic areas. Explore those of interest to consider what you may wish to accomplish and how others have responded to their experience:



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Deepen Reliance Upon God

"To be a witness means not to blend in, which happens so imperceptibly that we often aren't even aware - but in being a living mystery... to live in such a way that one's life would not make sense if God did not exist". - Cardinal Suhard

"Jim, through the quiet depth of his spirit, his focus on the spirituality in all we do and his willingness to see the beauty in me (and all people) helped me reconnect with God. My eyes were opened to the fact that everything I am, everything I have comes from Him. I found ways to connect with God that have enlivened my walk with Him."- Gina B.

Is the Triune God your Chief Treasure and your Passionate Pursuit in life? Do you find purpose, joy, peace, and rest in Him even when your life is not working very well?

In what ways do you and God most enjoy each other? Do you know the activities, the places, and the practices that best encourage you to connect with the Savior and Lord of your soul?

Many Christians struggle - most often privately - over how to bring life and vitality to their personal relationship with God. Some have invested a lot of effort in seeking him, yet that is what seems to characterize their friendships with God - effort, rather than the naturalness any relationship needs in order to thrive. Others have been convinced they needed to approach God in certain ways, doing certain things...and have followed through, only to find something missing. They then often conclude the problem is with themselves.

Coaching can help you freely explore, discover, and connect with God in ways that are most natural and meaningful for you, and that:

  • Creatively reflect how He has designed you
  • Flow from the work of His Spirit within you, rather than solely your own effort
  • Energize you with purpose, passion, and perspective whatever your internal emotional state or external circumstances
  • Serve as the focal point from which your destiny can be discerned and lived out


Capturing Calling

"The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's hunger meet" - Frederick Buechner

"Life coaching is life changing! I learned so much about myself-what I am passionate about, where I am gifted, and how these can be combined to be used in the Kingdom of God. It would benefit anyone, as the better we know ourselves, the more we are able to truly do the tasks designed for us here on earth!" - Sarah H.

"Life coaching helped me to better understand and embrace how God has crafted me. I have been better able to hone in on my unique calling as His child." - Dave B.

There has never been an honest human being who wouldn't admit to longing deeply to know why they were on earth; what uniqueness were they given that gave their life purpose and direction.

Learning what God had in mind when he individually crafted us, and later redeemed us from sin, is the key to charting our journey and embarking upon it.

In concert with the Spirit, we use a comprehensive explorative process helping you to move toward the discovery of your calling - the unique purposes for your life - and help you craft it into personal Vision, Purpose, and Mission Statements.

These descriptive, defining statements will serve as firm compass points as you navigate through the confusing, chaotic twists and turns of life.

As a result, you will be better able to:

  • Know what excites you most and how to creatively live out of your passion, for God and others
  • Define the kind of legacy you want to leave behind
  • Make decisions as to the use of your time, money, resources, and relationships that are based upon a lasting agenda rather than temporary, trivial pursuits
  • Understand what you most want to contribute to the cause of Christ in the world through His church, and do it!

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Revitalizing Relationships

"Thank-you Jim! Without your guidance, Joanne and my mistake count would have been much higher, and our relationship would not have blossomed to its present state. We are truly united as we have a good time writing this chapter of our life's adventure." - James S.

"Through our work together, the relationship with my estranged daughter has dramatically improved. Jim's insights, encouragement and faith in God helped me to trust what my heart wanted all along, and move towards it. I have realized that in any relationship, fear of being hurt again can keep individuals at odds, if that fear is what is focused upon. Jim helped me focus on what I wanted with Liz and to focus on that and move forward, and I didn't have to do it alone."- Kiernan R.

Scripture regularly emphasizes, and studies have consistently documented the absolute importance of relationships in life's scheme of things. If we don't prioritize and love well in our relationships, then any and all other accomplishments become worthless (I Corinthians 13).

As we come to know who God made us to be and do, that individual identity must also be factored into helping others in our lives become and do what God intended for them.

Living out our calling and being fulfilled in it, is always about giving so that others can become...not a self-focused search for personal satisfaction.

Coaching can help you enrich all your relationships:

  • Search out the uniqueness of your spouse, so you can know and love her/him according to their design, rather than your natural preferences.
  • Understand how to parent-and learn from-each of your children in ways that honor how God crafted them to be-trained in the way they were meant to go, and when they are older (independent) they won't turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6).
  • Develop friendships of depth and significance
  • Learn how to move into any relationship-family, friendship, neighbor, work-related, etc. inviting others to partake of your strength and compassion, even in the midst of conflict.



Integrating Priorities

Almighty God has promised you forgiveness for your repentance, but he has not promised you tomorrow for your procrastination - Augustine

"The last year has been a difficult one for me personally and professionally. I was overwhelmed with the many things that filled my life and seemed unaware of my own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that could come alongside passion to grow as an individual. The support I received from Jim has been overwhelming and truly an emotional and spiritual high! It has been a milestone for me, as I now feel I'm running my life, rather than it running me!" - Larry H.

"In our society it is so tempting to get involved in everything until we don't have time for the specific things God has for us. I learned with Jim's help, that it is o.k. to say "No" to good things, in order to be available to say "Yes" to the great things that are consistent with my calling." - Sarah H.

Most sincere Christians have some sort of grasp upon, and could generally speak about, the matters that mean the most in light of God's eternal agenda. Assuming this to be so, we are often convicted by the fact that, in spite of our awareness, our lives don't significantly differ-in essence-from those of our mainstream, middle-class neighbors.

How do the things you believe to be true show up in the way you live, so that you could truly be characterized as light in darkness and salt to a flavorless world?

Christian Life Coaching can come alongside helping you bring specific, passionate clarity to what you believe, along with the implications of those beliefs in the real world and assist you in courageous movement and life-style change. Specifically;

  • How your primary passion for Christ spills out into the uniqueness of your calling and provides all types of road signs revealing the will of God for your life.
  • What your calling invites you to do with your time, resources, and energies in the weaving of a lifestyle tapestry reflective of His work in you, as opposed to copying or conforming to our culture
  • How to make decisions in life amidst the plethora of positive options that overwhelm, and distract, so that we, like Jesus can complete the course confident that we have 'finished the work' the Father gave us to do.


Restoring Rhythm and Balance

"I was experiencing considerable stress due to my job demands and family issues, when Jim and I started working together. Jim helped me "see the light" about me and my lifestyle/family, through his gentle but direct statements. He helped me make potent choices, administering firm but caring "kicks in the butt", that have really brought change in my current state. He helped me so much in the relatively short time we spent together."-Liz R.

"Jim really helped me take a closer look at myself and what is truly important to me. I was able to bring balance to the many demanding areas of my life-to know I am investing appropriately in each while having space to rest, worship, and just "be". Jim's support and insights were much appreciated!" -Mike A.

Most Christians in western culture find themselves victim to one of the same curses as their secularized counterparts - a hectic, hurried lifestyle focused on the management of what has been called the "tyranny of the urgent." The things that call our name loudest get our attention and, not only are they often not as important as things that slowly, quietly deteriorate in the background but usually there are far too many of them.

Our lives become crowded and we lack the space and room to be present with spontaneity to opportunities to love and receive love and to pause to enjoy the limitless gifts of our Creator.

Working with the right Christian Life Coach can help you to:

  • Learn to trust- and relax- in Jesus' wise, bounteous provision whatever the kind and degree of suffering or opposition you face
  • Find or restore the life rhythm that best suits your unique walk with Him and the things He's called you to
  • Truly experience custom-designed rest, play and work within the relationally-worshipful context of dependence upon God and service of others
  • Live apart from self-induced stress, pressure, and guilt.


Refining Ministry Dreams

"This process has been incredible! I really sense God using the time to learn, discuss and perhaps "redefine" those things He is calling me to in ministry. It has been really helpful to think through this with others that I lead."- Eric L.

"Thanks to my work with Jim I am currently training for a leadership position in the marketplace, which will open the door into my calling as a minister to corporate America. I know myself much better now, according to God's design. And that has made all the difference." - Vicki S.

"I have been involved in Christian ministry full-time for 20 years. At various times throughout, I have experienced seasons where I wasn't sure who I was or where I was going. I lacked vision and purpose. During one of those confusing seasons, I sought Jim out as a coach to help me assess my life. He gave me several assessment tools, which I had taken before, but the personalized approach Jim took made the difference for me. Jim helped me discover things in my character, personality, giftedness & life experience's that I never paid much attention to. I often dismissed them as irrelevant or immature, viewing them as wrong, because they didn't always fit into the typical Christianized standard of thinking I was used to. Jim helped me reconnect with my passions which allowed vision to come back to life, as well as he encouraged me to face my fears that often kept me from dreaming. I know that it is God at work within me to fulfill His good purposes for my life, but it was through Jim's involvement that God worked! I give Him the praise and I thank Jim for taking the time to invest in my life."      - Don N.

When we consider the term "ministry", many Christians think of activities performed within the context of a church's program, if not parts of the job descriptions of paid church staff.

According to scripture however, every Christian is a minister (defined as a servant) and all of life is to be considered ministry (defined as a "giving away" of your life for the pleasure of God and the blessing of others). We are also called "ambassadors" or representatives of Christ wherever we go in the world (2 Corinthians 5:18-20).

All of a sudden, the boundaries of what it means to do "ministry" are greatly expanded: it encompasses every Christian, in all he/she does, wherever he/she goes!

Acknowledging this truth, hopefully, in your deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, you have asked the question, "I want all of my life to be a gift of service, yet did God intend for me to serve in particular ways that reflect certain passionate themes of my life and are consistent with the uniqueness of my design?"

We are all ministers, yet we were made to serve in different ways that no one else replicates.

Christian Coaching can help you explore what ministry means for you, particularly -

  • How the fingerprints of God can be detected in your life story revealing his sovereign preparation of your heart to care about certain things more than others
  • How these areas of passion become clues to the ministry dreams and directions that make your heart come alive
  • What it would mean for you to creatively and faithfully move toward these dreams however they could be applied, once discovered
  • How to "stay the course" once determined, with encouragement, belief and accountability.


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Crystallizing Career Path

"I will never forget the help Jim provided for me at one of the worst times of my life. I felt hopeless in a role that had dried up within a dying industry, and together we found the courage to make a change. After 22 years, my wife, kids, and I are beginning a new adventure in a new city with an exciting organization! I don't know if I would have made this choice apart from the work we did."- Dave L.

"The guidance and encouragement you provided over the last number of months has been unbelievable! I know I had lots of questions and ran a lot of different scenarios by you as I wrestled with where I wanted my career to go; yet you always responded. You helped me learn things and act upon them. I honestly believe that I could'nt have done it without you."- Pat L.

"The initiative you demonstrated in bringing career clarification to me was exemplary. I appreciate the time, energy and thoughtfulness you exhibited. I know from others you've worked with, this is consistent with your approach...and to experience it first-hand was valued."
- Tom W.

Comprehensive surveys of Christian workers from all professions, have shockingly shown that 80% do not like their jobs, and three-quarters of that total actually hate them!

Are you among their number?

God's calling upon our life is always much larger than the way we "make a living"-it encompasses all we are and do in the uniqueness of our being. Yet, as we gain clarity on the intentions of God in and through us, we are free to explore-within the context of God's promised provision for our needs and the abundance of opportunity found in our American landscape-career paths and organizational environments that best express the desires He has put in our hearts.

If we are willing to dream, explore and risk for the purpose of revealing Jesus through our work in the vocational niche He has best equipped us for, then we can be freed from preoccupation with preserving a current position or lifestyle merely for the security it offers.

We determine direction based upon the best ways to live out our calling, rather than the best ways to insure safety, comfort, and predictability in our lives.

Christian Life Coaching can help crystallize a career path and perspective that reflects who God has made you to be, and then:

  • Devise a faith - based strategy for moving in that direction
  • Integrate this plan with other God-given priorities of your life
  • Guide in the formation of educational options, learning experiences, written tools, personal marketing plans, networking and interviewing skills and the search strategies most helpful as you launch out.
  • Explore the viability of and assist in the creation of entrepreneurial expressions of your calling.

A related,yet distinct service provided by Compass Christian Coaching is our Corporate/Executive Coaching facet targeted to either Christian organizations interested in the development of key personnel or to Christian leaders wishing to invest in their own personal and professional growth.

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Charting Through Change

"Where do I begin to express my sincere appreciation for Jim and what we did together. Without his help, I know I never would have been able to move through this major transition to acceptance. This experience has been one of the hardest, but also one of the best things that have happened to me. I have a newfound appreciation and understanding for those who experience major loss. This, for me, is a life-long gift."
- Mary S.

"I came to Jim with major, life-changing decisions to make, afraid of the sacrifice they would require and thereby stuck in inertia. Jim struggled alongside me and I gained perspective. I was able to keep accurate to reality, choose faith and take leaps. As a result, I have renewed hope, confidence, and passion in life!"-Lynne H.

The frequency of change riding on the back of accelerated progress in our culture-the result of amazing advances in technology, communication and the spread of information-threatens to overwhelm our ability to cope.

We, as human beings, need time and often others involvement who care, to process changes in our lives.

If we hasten through them, failing to inquire and listen for what the Spirit wants to tell us in their midst, simply to get things together and maintain life as best we can, we will suffer loss and the resultant consequences spill over into other areas of life.

Christian Life Coaching can come alongside helping you engage both the constant change of everyday modern life and the more sporadic, major life changes that require greater adjustment, as you...

  • Learn how to listen and respond to the Spirit's voice amidst the continual opportunities, interruptions, distractions, and intrusions that confront you daily
  • Come to embrace predictable life transitions (e.g. marriage, parenthood, adolescence, empty nest, relocation, career-change, retirement, etc.) moving into them with Spirit-led direction and purpose.
  • Come to grieve, then receive, the unpredictable major life transitions that God allows (e.g. divorce, death, disease, job-loss, financial collapse, rejection/betrayal, failure, etc.) growing through them toward a richer reliance upon Him and deeper impact upon others.

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