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About Jim

"More than anything else, what will enable us to not just survive, but actually thrive in the world, the most critical thing we can give our attention to, is to come to terms with our calling. Each of us individually must come to peace about what it is we are called to do. Nothing matters more than this." -Gordon T. Smith

The compelling vision that draws my life forward is for all people to bring God pleasure by discovering their divine design and living out their divinely-appointed calling, in a manner that reflects a passionate commitment to, connection with and contribution toward the beauty and effectiveness of the Body of Christ.

This vision was birthed out of a life-story featuring a continual theme of exploration, seeking and searching for a personal sense of identity.

jim case

I experienced a general sense of identity when I met Christ early in life, and yet as I grew, an ever-expanding hunger to discover answers to a set of ever-present questions, haunted me. "Who am I'?; What makes me unique?'; What am I motivated to be and do?'; 'Where will I find the courage and where-with-all to move toward the answers to these questions, once found?'; and above all, 'How does being in relationship with this God of mine effect how I would answer any of these questions?'

For many years I sought answers by means of my own efforts, using my own resources, and ingenuity. I experimented with involvement in sports, focused on physical appearance and especially the combination of intellectual and spiritual depth. Through the process I learned a lot and could sound knowledgeable and convincing, yet was no nearer real answers to my life-questions then before! I made many foolish, selfish, sinful choices along the way that hurt myself and others-all in the pursuit of finding answers.

Yet God (a fitting slogan for many, if not all, our lives) showed himself active and alive in the midst of it all, waiting for me to tire of my own devices, ready and willing to meet me when I became broken.

I am learning that my longed-for destiny is not to be found through my accomplishments, driven as they often are by comparison and competition with others. Instead, my long journey is teaching me that the One who saved me so long ago is also Who and What I desire most. And as I find my satisfaction in Jesus Christ, I am discovering that he freely presents me with the answers to those secondary questions I have so long sought.

The difference is that now I don't need to find my own answers, rather, as I seek Him as my destiny in all his beauty and worth, he reveals the wonder of his handiwork in me.

He knows that now, in a new if incomplete way, my desire is for Him and not for what He can help me make my life become. I have a new ability to wait for His guidance and provision, even as the path takes any number of unexpected, and painful, turns. I have Him, and I will seek Him all the more and will trust that He will do justice to His promises of making good flow from my life.

On this journey, God has used the various roles and experiences he has given to ready and equip me to be a good guide for others as they journey toward Him.

The following survey provides a taste of the experiential background I could offer a fellow traveler:


Jim has been married to Regina for 31years and is father to Rachel and Benjamin. Learning to serve, enjoy and benefit from their distinctiveness has taught him more about the creatively-loving handiwork of God then any other experience.

Jim has been equipped as a Professional Life Coach through the Christian track of the Institute of Life Coach Training, the first Christian coach training program, and one of a select number of programs approved by the International Coach Federation, Coaching's primary professional association.


As a member of the Christian Coaches Network, Jim works with a network of other Christian Life and Business Coaches to provide personalized services to clients across the country. (All network coaches are professionally trained and work under a high standard Code of Ethics. Referrals may be made to another coach if dictated by a clients needs-which is the primary concern).

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He served as a pastoral intern at Willow Creek Community Church focusing on the Network Process authored by Bruce Bugbee, which equipped believers in the largest congregation in the country to understand who God made them to be in Christ and within which ministries they might best serve.

Jim also has directed a Ministry Consultant Team using the S.H.A.P.E. process (Spiritual Gifts, Heart Passion, Abilities and Availability, Personality and Experiences) authored by Rick Warren (Purpose- Driven Church/Purpose-Driven Life) helping many motivated believers discover and implement their passion in ministry.

Jim served as Senior Career Consultant with Right Management Consultants, the leading Career Transition and Organizational Consulting firm in the world, guiding professionals from all walks of life in determining and clarifying their Life Mission and values, integrating these into a career path that honored these priorities in all areas of their lives and assisting them in structuring comprehensive job search tools and strategies to get them there. He is familiar with a variety of personality and career-oriented assessments, which can be used as tools to explore God's intentional design in others.

He received Master's degree training as a Biblical Counselor from prolific authors and psychologists Drs. Larry Crabb and Dan Allender, and has served as director of a church-based counseling department in addition to being a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (C.E.A.P.) supporting many companies faced with a variety of issues that effect employee performance, health and morale.

Ever since earning a second Master's degree in Theology and Pastoral Studies, Jim has applied his inquiring mind to searching and understanding both biblical truth and its relevant application to our culture at large. He is a voracious reader and life-long learner, who brings a solid biblical worldview to his interactions with those he serves.

Additionally, he has taught, preached, facilitated and composed a variety of classes, sermons, workshops, and growth groups on a number of subjects, thereby sharpening his communicational abilities.

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